Challenge: Release a book in every country

Target is, to release at least one book in every country of the world (and get a caught as proof). This idea has been brought in 2004 by BC-member charbono: around the world in 233 books.

Besides the jointly challenge (a group of BookCrosser try each year to release at least one book in each country), there exist some “hardliner”, who took this challenge as a life-task. Of course, this cannot be done overnight, therefor we call it a Lifetime-Challenge.

A list of those hardliners, who keep the progress of their challenge in a virtual book on, can be found on this page. End 2012 I decided not to maintain the list of participants anymore. There were only a very few who still reported there sucesses anyway. Nevertheless, this is a lifetimechallenge and there are still some playing. Wy

° create your own country map with books released

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