BookCrossers not only just release books, they also swap and do love to meet eachother.

But for children it always was difficult to finde someone their age. Here a list with all children in the age of 0 to 17 reported to me. Age and region is mentioned, so you have an overview, who could be interesting to be contacted.

So, dear parents and of course children, use this list and talk about it, so that more children and teens will be added.

Alter von   bis 

Screenname Alter Bundesland/Kanton
de-flag Jo_Jo 10 Sachsen-Anhalt
de-flag Seepferdchen17 (Theo) 10 Sachsen
de-flag Buchzwerg 11 Niedersachsen
de-flag Jakob2010 11 Bayern
de-flag Herr-K 13 Sachsen
de-flag Pidskid 14 Rheinland-Pfalz
de-flag Koenig-Laurin 14 Bayern
de-flag AnnaLuise 14 Berlin
de-flag TassiloJaan 15 Sachsen-Anhalt
at-flag teresa2005 15 Vienna
de-flag DieWaldlaeufer 16 Baden-Württemberg
at-flag Maxi05 16 Kärnten
at-flag calendulita 16 Vienna
de-flag Elfengirl 16 Schleswig-Holstein
de-flag Kleiner-Grobi 17 Niedersachsen
de-flag Nick-Knatterton 17 Niedersachsen
de-flag EileenW 17 Baden-Württemberg
ch-flag Toenzgi 17 Zürich
ch-flag Nicki-Tikki 17 Zürich
Letztes Update am 06/09/2015

.: Add BookCrossing-children

You are younger as 18 and would like to be on this list? No problem, just send a PM with your birthdate (so the age can be calculated automatically) to Wyando and you will be added the next update.

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