A few thoughts: is funded though the store with labels and wings. But until a few years ago, BookCrossing only offered labels in the English language, so a few German BookCrossers got the idea of creating German labels at cost price to be locally printed. Usually, some money was also donated to

Meanwhile is offered in several languages, as are the labels. Also, there exists a label creator so you can create your own labels at low cost. Unfortunately, the shipping costs for oversee are still quite high, but they are working on it since several months, so one day, this may be solved for the good...

Of course, no one can be forced to use original BookCrossinglabels, therefore this supportsite offers a kit of simple labels with flyer, even in several languages, for download. There also are some links to labels created by BookCrossers to print out your self. Everyone has to decide for herself if and how she will donate to to keep the site alive and this way our hobby.

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