Meetups for the next 30 day in the area of D-A-CH.

This page should help to get your local bookcrossers known.

In these lists you will find all meetups in the german area which has been reported to me (Wyando). The first list (below) shows you the upcoming meetups for the next 30 days; die second list (in a new window) shows you the meetups which are on a regularly basis (weekly, monthly, etc) which takes place at a fix location (Cafe, bar, resto, etc).

Details for those once in a while meetups are linked with their posts in the german BookCrossing forum. Some cities have meetups at different locations; those are marked with ??? and their details are announced in the german BookCrossing forum a few weeks before they happen.

· Supraregional meetups in the next months.
When? Where? Info at: Hint
01-09-2017   de-flag Dessau, UnCon Deutschland (bis 03/09/2017) Jurinde Info at the forum
· Local meetups in the next 30 days.
When? Where? Info at: Hint
25-05-2017   19:00 de-flag Nürnberg, Das blaue Haus bcz-nuernberg Monthly
25-05-2017   18:00 de-flag Mainz, ??? 140704 Info at the forum
27-05-2017   10:00 de-flag Wiesloch, Bronners CrimeLady Bimonthly
30-05-2017   18:00 at-flag Linz, Café Heuschober OBCZ-Heuschober Monthly
30-05-2017   16:00 de-flag München, NähWerk BCZ-NähWerk Monthly
30-05-2017   19:00 de-flag Ulm, Hemperium OBCZ-Ulm Monthly
01-06-2017   18:00 at-flag Vorchdorf, Cafe Novum OBCZ-Novum Monthly
03-06-2017   19:00 de-flag Dresden, Spielebar Barneby RikkiDD Monthly
03-06-2017   19:00 de-flag Herborn, ??? melone Bimonthly
03-06-2017   10:00 de-flag Leipzig, Café Waldi Yukun Monthly
03-06-2017   10:00 de-flag Mettmann, Café der OBCZ KaDeMe TanteJu Bimonthly
07-06-2017   20:00 de-flag Konstanz, Defne See-Stern Monthly
07-06-2017   18:00 de-flag Regensburg, MAX + MUH 5inq Monthly
09-06-2017   19:30 de-flag Braunschweig, Café Fischer moerschen Monthly
09-06-2017   19:00 de-flag Coburg, Hungry Highlander lady-liberty Monthly
09-06-2017   19:00 de-flag Saarbrücken, Die Kartoffel Jesbo Monthly
10-06-2017   19:00 de-flag Berlin, ??? tacx Info at the forum
10-06-2017   13:00 de-flag Hilden, Ostkurve OBCZ-Ostkurve Monthly
13-06-2017   de-flag Bremen, ??? Skycey Info at the forum
13-06-2017   19:00 de-flag Frankfurt am Main, ??? krimtango Monthly
13-06-2017   18:00 de-flag Köln, Goldmund Adaque Monthly
13-06-2017   19:00 de-flag Stuttgart, Schlesinger BCZ-Stuttgart Monthly
13-06-2017   19:00 ch-flag Zürich, Gloria spy-there Monthly
14-06-2017   19:00 de-flag Dortmund, Café Max BCZ-Dortmund Monthly
14-06-2017   19:30 de-flag München, Baal MacsBooks Monthly
15-06-2017   18:30 de-flag Hannover, ??? LadyLiana Info at the forum
21-06-2017   19:00 de-flag Leipzig, ??? susiuni Monthly

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