OBCZs in the area D-A-CH

Here you will find all official BookCrossing zones in the german speaking area, which has been reported.

In the last years, we have seen this list growing obselete for many OBCZs. Hence I, Wyando, create mid 2011 a trafficlightsystem with the purpose to keep this list actual:

Green: There has been a release of at least one book in the last 12 months in this OBCZ OR the owner has confirmed, that the OBCZ is still alive and kicking.

Orange: Since over a year there has been no releases anymore at this OBCZ. Also, the owner of the OBCZ has not responded on my feedback request.

Red: 3 months after being status orange, it will change to status red. The entry will be soon deleted from this list. At BookCrossing.com, the OBCZ-icon will be removed, as also the wings in case this OBCZ has his own account.

Every status will also have a date which shows the latest lifesign of this OBCZ. Also, anyone who find out that a OBCZ does not exist anymore, can report this with a PM via BookCrossing.com so I can start the checking procedure on that OBCZ.

This porbably sound more complicated that it realy is - as long as books are released at a Crossingzone of the OBCZs, the status Green will never change.

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No guaranty that those Google-map-links will bring you to the front door. Most of the maps are defined by their address and in case this did not work, I just used a geocode with lat and long values. If you have more accurate data, feel free to inform me.

Land Stadt OBCZ Infos

OK Info

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