As you are reading this page, I suppose you are wondering about the name "BallyCumber". Here what it means:


1. A place in Ireland.

Indeed, BallyCumber is a place in Ireland [Google Maps], to be found in County Offaly, Parish Leamonaghan. The Irish name is: Béal Átha Chomair. More about this wee town you can read at Wikipedia.


2. The sentence in the book

The book is a "dictionary of things that there aren't any words for yet". Rather than inventing new words, Adams and Lloyd picked a number of existing place-names, and assigned interesting meanings to them; meanings which can be regarded as on the verge of social existence, and are ready to become recognizable entities. [Source: "The meaning of Liff"] "BallyCumber" means: One of the six half-read books lying somewhere in your bed.


3. Friendship between 2 man.

Well, at least in the play Tales of BallyCumber from Sebastian Barry, which seems to be a startling and intimate portrayal of two unlikely companions connected more closely than they realise, both haunted by the plague of solitude and the Tales of Ballycumber:

"Daffodils are in bloom as dawn breaks over the foothills of Ballycumber, ushering in hope for a new day and stirring the ghosts of a past fraught with sorrow, isolation and emptiness."

More information: Abbey Theatre.
There also is an international BookRing.


4. The Logo of

This running book existed from the beginning, but the poor litlle one never had a name, though you could tickle him in those old days. One day, the question was asked how it should be named. With over 100 suggestions from the community, it was soon clear, that only BallyCumber was out of the question: which BookCrossers doesn't know the the situation of one of the six half-read books lying somewhere in your bed...??




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